Hewish & Puxton Village Hall       Maysgreen Lane, Hewish, Weston-Super-Mare  BS24 6TR

at the social heart of our community

Phoeix rising from the ashes


Directors & Trustees

Lynda Redding (Chair)   Lucille Laing   David Hares   Pauline Pearce (Booking Secretary) Sharen Hucker    Heidi Hutchings (Secretary)   Cath Davies (Treasurer)

The Company exists to maintain, manage and promote the Village Hall for the benefit of the inhabitants of the civil parish of Puxton and its surrounding area (“the area of benefit”) without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, nationality, race or political, religious or other opinions. It aims to provide facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation for the residents of the area of benefit. It raises money for these purposes by hiring the hall and its facilities to organisations, groups and individuals for a diverse range of meetings and activities. It hopes the its activities will promote a sense of social wellbeing and community within the area of


The Company is controlled by its Members, who elect from among themselves a group of officers who act as its Board of Directors and are also the Trustees of the Company as a registered charity.  The Board is responsible to the Members for the strategic and the day-to-day running of the Company.

To further the aims of the Company and, ergo, of those within the area of benefit, the Company needs to attract Members.  Membership is open to anyone residing, or any organisation located within the area of benefit who is, or who's Representative Members are, the age of eighteen years or over.  Members have voting rights at General Meetings.  As membership becomes established, we hope to introduce Junior Members, who will not have voting rights, but will be able to contribute via the Members, and ultimately inherit future responsibility for the Company and its management of the Hall.