Your Responsibilities as a Hirer

This ‘friendly’ note is subservient to the normal Conditions of Hire posted in the Hall and available here

1.     Thank you for hiring our Hall.  You will have access to the Hall 15 minutes before your Hire period starts     for setting up your event and and 15 minutes after your Hire period ends, for clearing up.

2.     You will be responsible for looking after the Hall during your period of hire, for the good conduct of those attending your event, for safe parking and for consideration to our neighbours as you arrive, use and leave the Hall and its surrounding area. Please be sure that any dogs left in cars attending your event are not left to bark in an incessant way that might cause a nuisance to our neighbours.

3.     Please make yourself aware of the emergency exits and keep them clear.  Be sure that you will be able to alert everyone in the event of a need to evacuate the Hall and be particularly aware of the needs of anyone who is not fully mobile in terms of a possible evacuation.

4.     You must not hire the Hall to others during you period of Hire, do anything unlawful, or introduce alcohol to your event without letting us know.  The Hall is not licensed, so you must not sell alcohol during your event unless you obtain a proper licence to do so and have lodged a copy of that license with the Booking Secretary.

5.     If you or event attendees do damage to the Hall, its contents or its grounds, we reserve the right to charge you, as the Hirer, for any costs involved in putting that damage right.

6.     If you cancel your hire, we reserve the right to retain any pre-payment you have made. If you are a regular Hirer we reserve the right to charge you for your Hire unless you have given us 7 days notice of its cancellation. If an unforeseen emergency prevents you using the Hall during any part of your Hire and it is deemed appropriate, we can consider a mutually acceptable rebate.

7.     Please leave the Hall tidy and clean at the end of your Hire, and take all your rubbish away with you as we have no waste-collection facilities at the Hall.

8.     None of the property of yourself nor of your event’s attendees will be insured under the Hall’s insurance policy.  If your event, or any of that property needs to be insured, you will need to arrange that yourself.  Unless you have made a special arrangement, please be sure to remove all you property from the Hall at the end of your hire period.

9.     Despite the necessary formality of these notes and the formal Conditions of Hire, we do hope you will enjoy your event in our Hall and will want to visit us again for a future event!


Administered by Hewish & Puxton Village Hall Ltd (the Hall Management)

The Hall is a no-smoking Environment and must not hold more than 250 people standing or 150 sitting.