Hewish and Puxton Village Hall

Our efforts to raise funds for our purchase and refurbishment of  the Hall continue.   Having completed the purchase, fundraising continues apace for the refurbishment, which we have calculated to cost in the region of £100,000.

Removal and disposal of existing asbestos roof-                        £5,000

Replace roof with colour coated insulated panels                   £30,000

Repair/replace gullies and guttering                                          £1,625

Thermal insulation on exterior walls                                       £17,000

Sound insulation on partition wall                                            £3,000

Internal decorations                                                                  £5,000

External painting                                                                      £4,500

Re-furbish kitchen                                                                  £12,000

Repair and insulate kitchen ceiling                                           £3,250

Repair and insulate committee room ceiling                                £975

Re-furbish toilets                                                                      £7,700

Additional disabled toilet for committee room                         £2,000

Total Refurbishment Estimate                                                 £92,050

We will keep this page updated with siginifcant fundraising events and sucesses